EHP is developing a novel class of therapies that could alter the course of complex diseases with unmet medical needs.

Complex, multifactorial pathophysiological processes are inherent to a range of debilitating neurodegenerative, autoimmune and other chronic and acute diseases that impact millions of people worldwide.

Independent research of these processes has resulted in the characterization of biological targets that play a prominent role in these complex diseases. Working with this advanced knowledge, EHP has employed rational drug design to create novel targeted drugs, or new chemical entities (NCEs), with a mechanism of action (MOA) capable of affecting the key biological processes associated with the disease etiology. Our goal at EHP is to exert more powerful impacts on these physiological processes, potentially resulting in disease modification and potential reversal of disease progression.

Our technology is focused on identifying natural substances which (1) have inherent health benefits, (2) have a good safety profile and (3) can be produced and modified chemically to create synthetic NCEs that retain the safety profile of the natural substance while adding significant additional therapeutic benefits by affecting pertinent additional biologic receptors and pathways in the body.

We are targeting initially systemic sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease with the goal of offering patients improved treatment outcomes by addressing the symptoms of the disease and modifying the course (progression) of the disease.

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